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Sewing for Charity Australia: Who We Are

Welcome to Sewing for Charity Australia, a heartwarming registered Aussie charity dedicated to combining the art of handmade with the spirit of giving. Our charity was founded with a simple yet powerful goal: to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those in need through the creativity of sewing and handmade.

At SFCA, we believe that every stitch has the potential to weave a tapestry of compassion and support. Our passionate community of handmade enthusiasts, volunteers, and donors come together to channel their skills and creativity into projects that uplift and empower individuals and communities across the country.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to harness the collective power of creativity to bring comfort, joy, and assistance to those facing challenging circumstances. Through our carefully curated projects, we aim to provide essential items, heartfelt gifts, and a sense of belonging to various groups, including but not limited to:

  • Children in Need: Crafting cozy blankets, clothing, and accessories for children who are in hospitals, foster care, or facing other hardships.
  • Aged Care: Sewing items that offer warmth and companionship to seniors in nursing homes or living independently, fostering connections and reducing isolation.
  • Homelessness Support: Creating warm and essential items for those experiencing housing insecurity
  • Hospital Support: Supplying hospitals with handmade items to support healthcare workers and patients.
  • Disaster Relief: Mobilizing quickly during times of crisis to sew and donate emergency supplies to communities affected by natural disasters.

Get Involved:

Sewing for Charity Australia welcomes anyone with a passion for sewing and crafting, whether you’re an expert or just starting out. You can contribute by donating materials, participating in sewing bees, or simply sharing your time and skills. Your involvement can be as simple as a few stitches or as elaborate as creating an entire project. Every contribution is valued and adds to the fabric of our compassionate efforts.

Join us at Sewing for Charity Australia and help us sew a brighter future, one stitch at a time. Together, we can transform threads of fabric into threads of hope and make a lasting impact on the lives of those who need it most.

Why We Are Different



Your trust in Sewing for Charity Australia is very important to us. We track every outgoing donation so you know exactly where your handmade love is going. Additionally, we are registered with ASIC and ACNC to ensure all information about our charity is public record.



We are honest and fair with all of our charity and community partners, our volunteers, donors and recipients. We believe everyone deserves to be treated with integrity no matter the circumstance and demonstrate this in our conduct and dealings with all people.



Community is at the forefront of what we do. Through events, social media, coffee mornings and more we are recreating our village and creating supportive environments for people of all ages. Sewing for Charity Australia is where community meets creativity – we come together and learn new skills and create with purpose helping not only each other, but thousands of people who are disadvantaged or in crisis in our extended communities.


Social Responsibility

We behave ethically and in every action strive to benefit our local and national communities. As a not-for-profit organisation all funds raised go back into projects and supplies to enable us to continue sharing the handmade love.

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