May 2024 – Cancer Care

Starting 01 May 2024, through to 30 May 2024, Sewing for Charity Australia’s main project will be sewing, knitting and crocheting cancer care items for various cancer support services across Australia. 

What exactly are we creating? 


Drain Bags 

Portacath Pillows

Lap blankets 

Patterns & Tutorials

Where a link to a tutorial or further information is provided, please read all linked information before proceeding.


Millie Tie Hat by Brimming with Love

Turban (Pattern by Maryen Rogers via sewing,org)

Knitting/ Crochet – any beanie pattern that is lovely and soft will be fine


Drain Bags 

The fabric can be sturdy cotton, calico or canvas up to and including backed drapery fabric, upholstery fabric and damask. Lighter weight fabrics can’t hold the weight of full drainage bags. If using quilting or craft cotton please line them for strength (use your own discretion on this, quality does vary between fabrics).

Various services prefer different patterns. The below links will be suitable and we will direct to the appropriate service.

Some services have no preference and you are free to use any long handled tote bag pattern of a similar size.

Whilst the majority of bags will go to females, please don’t forget the men and non-binary patients who also need our support.

Drain Bag 1 – The Simple Gift of a Bag

The Simple Gift of a Bag require you to contact them directly for the pattern and to send them a photo of your first bag for approval to make their own internal process easier.

Drain Bag 2

Drain Bag 3

Portcath Pillows 

My Recipe for Portacath Pillows | Abbie and Eveline

Lap Blankets

Can be knitted, crocheted or sewn quilts, approximately 1m x 1m in size (give or take)


Please label your donations with type, size and which project they are for (eg – Lap Blanket, Knitted, May 2024)

This will greatly help our volunteers to sort and distribute them as quickly as possible.

In Person Delivery: The Sewing Lair, 4/29 Logan River Road Beenleigh Q
Postal Delivery: SFCA, 38 Bladensburg Dr Waterford QLD 4133

Project enquiries:

To request items: Visit our website. Scroll down and fill in the online request form.